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Kodati Anusha*, L.Sravanthi, Dr.A.Pavani, Dr. R. Raja Reddy, Dr. Habibuddin.

Malla reddy pharmacy college, secundrabad, telangana, India


A bilayer tablet is a type of multiple compressed tablets. The objective of this study was to extend the GI residence time of the dosage form and control the release of Glimepiride in Mucoadhesive bilayered tablets. So an attempt has been made to develop Glimepiride Mucoadhesive bilayered tablets employing a natural polymer (Okra gum extracted from Abelmoschus esculentu’s) as rate controlling matrix. The immediate release layer containing Sodium starch glycolate was prepared by direct compression method and sustained release layer containing Okra gum (in different concentrations ranging from F1-F5 0.25%, o.5%,0.75%, 1%, 1.5% respectively) was prepared by wet granulation method. The drug content of tablets revealed that the drug was uniformly mixed in the polymers. In-vitro dissolution studies revealed that formulation F-5 has showed the initial release of immediate release layer dose, and followed by sustained release of drug for 8 hrs (87.5%) indicating promising potential for the bilayer tablet. The kinetic data showed that drug release from F-5 follow Zero order, Higuchi plot indicated that the formulation follow Diffusion controlled release mechanism.

Keywords: Martix type, controlled release, anti-diabetic, mucoadhesive, In-vitro

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