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Dr. Yusra Haddeh, Mhd Nezar Alsharif*, Noura Alkhatba, Hiba Alrifae

Address - Syrian Private University, Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic


This study aimed to determine the prevalence of all types of cataract among different age groups and the effect of different cataract risk factors on it. This is a retrospective study composed of all who were admitted to the ophthalmology department between 1/6/2017 and 31/12/2017 and were diagnosed with cataract at Al Moujtahd Hospital. Statistical analysis was done using Excel and SPSS 23.0. We analyzed the data regarding the age, gender, types of cataract and the risk factors of cataract. We divided the patients in this study according to age into four groups (12-30, 31-50, 51-70 and >70 years old). We reviewed each type of cataract and its prevalence among each age group and among the total of cataract types. We reviewed the previous history of patients to determine the effect of previous history (risk factors) on cataract. This study included 209patientsdiagnosed with cataract (172 cases of cataract in the left eye, 176 cases of cataract in the right eye, with a total of 348 cataracts).Most of the patients were between 51-70 years old (65.6% 0f all patients) followed by those older than 70 (23% of all patients). 97 patients (46.4% of all patients) were females. (Table 1). The most common types of cataracts in each age group (12-30, 31-50, 51-70 and >70) were (Posterior sub-capsular, nuclear, nuclear and nuclear, respectively).In this study, regardless of age, nuclear cataract was the most common of all types (66.8% and 68.8% in the left and right eyes, respectively). Cortical cataract was present in 18% and 20% of all cataracts (in the left and right eyes, respectively). Posterior sub-capsular cataract was found in 28.4% and 22.7% of all cataracts (in the left and right eyes, respectively). We had one patient with congenital cataract (0.58% of all cataracts). We found in this study that the most common age of having cataract was >51 years old. In addition, the most common type of cataract was nuclear. Finally, Hypertension, diabetes mellitus, smoking, hypothyroidism and trauma to the eye are the major risk factors of cataract.


Cataract; Cataract Types; Cataract Risk Factors; Syrian Population.

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