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Brijesh Sirohi*, Vishnu Raj, Amit Pandey

Radharaman Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences Bhopal, MP, India


Euphorbia thymifolia linn (euphorbiaceae) it is an annual herb pan-tropic distribution. This is mainly found in waste land and along roadside wall sides under humid condition. Whole plant contains a crystalline alkaloidal principal allied to quercetin, 5,7,4-trihydroxy flavones 7-glucoside and essential oil. The plant is a rich source of phytochemicals like tannin, flavanoid, phytosterol, quercetin through lacking substantial phyto pharmacological studies. Euphorbia thymifolia total steroid EETS at dose 75 mg/kg showed a significant increase (p≥0.001) in sleeping time, depression of locomotor activity duration of tail suspension induced immobility (p≤0.01). Euphorbia thymifolia total phytosterol showed marked CNS depressant and sub-maximal, muscle relaxant activity and anxiolytic effect.


Euphorbia thymifolia Linn. Euphorbiaceae, phytosterol fraction, CNS depressant

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