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Y. Yamini, L. Reddenna*, M. Bhavani, J. T. Rudra, T. Rajavardhana, E. Pavan Kumar, T. Usha Nandini, V. Sreedhar

Balaji College of Pharmacy, Ananthapuramu, Andhra pradesh, India


A case of corpus callosum agenesis associated with a central pontine myelinolysis is described. It is the foremost white matter structure in the brain and the chief commissural pathway linking the hemispheres of the human brain. The corpus callosum, or a definite part of it, can be pretentious selectively. Corpus callosum agenesis is a congenital disorder which includes whole or fractional absence of the corpus callosum. Callosal disorders are characterized by vision impairments, poor motor coordination, hypotonia, delays in sitting and walking, delayed toilet training and chewing, swallowing difficulties and low perception of pain,. It can also be associated with spasticity, seizures, early feeding difficulties and/or gastric reflux, hearing impairments, abnormal head and facial features, and a mental handicap.


Central pontine myelinolysis, Chromosomes, Corpus Callosum

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