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Dr. M Manasa rekha*, Puja basfore, Dr. Rinku mathappan, Dr. M. Sushma

Gautham College of Pharmacy, R.T Nagar, Bangalore, Karnataka, India


Clinical pharmacy is defined as that area of pharmacy concerned with the science and practice of rational medication use. In India there is imbalance between physician and patient ratio recent statistics states that for every 1000 patients only one physician is available in India in this situation there is increased work load on physician ultimately leads to therapeutic failure as the physician even don’t have enough time to look over therapeutic and drug related issues, The present study aims at Prospective study on implementation of clinical Pharmacy services to General Medicine department in a territory care hospital. It is a prospective observational study. The Present study was conducted for a period of six months from October 2018 to March 2019. The Patients admitted in hospital was 90-100 Patients. All the required data was collected from patients through personal interview and case sheets and treatment charts and data collection forms which are clearly explained below. All the patients satisfying the inclusion criteria were selected & all the required data was collected from patients through personal interview and case sheets and treatment charts. Prism graph pad software is used for analysis of results the present study was found as highly significant as P-Value is 0.001. In this study we have Provided 626 clinical pharmacy services in general medicine department of territory care hospital. It includes 245 drug information services, 160 patient counseling services. we have screened 138 drug interactions and 83 adverse drug interactions in the individual prescriptions. The present study clearly states and concludes that there is urgent need in creation of active role Doctor of Pharmacy Profession in Indian health care system for providing better therapy and rational usage of drugs.


Clinical pharmacy, medication history, adverse effect, drug interaction, male & female population.

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